A. C. Little, "Color Evaluation of Foods—Correlation of Objective Facts with Subjective Impressions," Sensory Evaluation of Appearance of Materials: a symposium sponsored by ASTM Committee E-12 on Appearance of Materials, and Committee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products, 1973, American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia


Example 1—An Opaque, Light-Diffusing System with Well-Defined Absorption Maxima—Canned Tuna [20]—The objective of this study was to develop an instrumental method for classifying the color of canned tuna to replace the Federal Standard of Identity definition based on a visual comparison with Munsell neutral value papers. The cut-off points for white, light and dark samples were thus already established in terms of Munsell V which is easily translated to CIE Y value according to the relationship defined by the Optical Society of America ([5] p. 430, [6] Appendix C).