* We believe in the serial comma.


Scott Russell Duncan is a lingerer and a lurker that gets called "Freak-magnet" by friends who don't understand it also means them. Scott has seen a president eat enchiladas, escaped being held hostage by nuns, and has made his lair in Oakland. Scott's ancestors are Californio, Hispano, and Texian, so he's half white guy and Mexican. His novel in progress is The Ramona Diary of SRD, a fictional travel diary reclaiming the mythology of Chicano California, which has much to do with a 19th century book named Ramona. [website]

Ryan Flanagan is currently a dissertation fellow at the University of North Texas. He was born in 1983 and grew up in Turnersville, New Jersey. [email]

Andie Francis's work appears or is forthcoming in Cimarron Review, CutBank, Fjords Review, Portland Review, and Terrain.org. Her chapbook, I Am Trying to Show You My Matchbook Collection, is forthcoming (CutBank 2015). [email]

Emma Grimsley is a writer and an opera singer. She lives in Los Angeles, California. [email]

Charles Hood has seen just shy of 600 species of mammals in the wild; on a recent trip to Tibet he added smoky vole, Tsing Ling pika, and Pallas's cat to that list. He also saw a wolf kill a sheep, just like in ranchers' nightmares. He teaches remedial English in the Mojave Desert and also is a Research Fellow Center for Art + Environment, Nevada Museum of Art. He has published nine books, some of them almost good. [website] [email]

Shane Jones is the author of Light Boxes, Daniel Fights a Hurricane, and Crystal Eaters. He lives in Albany, New York. [email]

Brandon Krieg is the author of a poetry collection, Invasives (New Rivers Press) and a chapbook, Source to Mouth (New Michigan Press). He is a founding editor of The Winter Anthology (www.winteranthology.com) and an associate editor of Poetry Northwest. He lives in Kalamazoo, MI and can be found online at his [website]. 

Allie Leach floats like a bee, stings like a butterfly...or something. Her work has appeared in Hot Metal Bridge, South Loop Review, Tucson Weekly, and Edible Baja Arizona, among other places. She teaches and lives in Tucson. [email]

Gary L. McDowell is the author of four collections of poetry, including Weeping at a Stranger's Funeral (Dream Horse Press, 2014). His lyric essays have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Prairie Schooner, Green Mountains Review (as winner of the 2014 Neil Shepard Prize in Creative Nonfiction), Bellingham Review, SLAB, Quarter After Eight, and others. He lives, teaches, and fathers in Nashville, TN. [email]

Kim Parko is the author of the book Cure All (Caketrain Press, 2010). She writes, draws, performs, imagines, and is generally interested in the blur rather than the distinction. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and daughter. Day by day, she is quietly getting her crone on. [email]

Bryan Reid lives and breathes in Normal, IL. They're working away at a master's degree in creative writing from Illinois State University. Their poetry can be found in Festival Writer and has been featured in forest ambassador. [email]

Kathleen Rooney is a founding editor of Rose Metal Press and a founding member of the typewriter poetry collective Poems While You Wait. The author of seven books of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, her novel-in-poems Robinson Alone, based on the life and work of Weldon Kees, won the 2013 Eric Hoffer Award for Poetry and her novel O, Democracy! came out in the Spring of 2014. [twitter] [website]

Richard Siken is a poet, painter, and filmmaker. His book of poems, War of the Foxes, is forthcoming from Copper Canyon Press.

Chaulky White is the combined effort of Derek White & his late brother Kevin.

Brooke Juliet Wonders' prose has appeared in The Collagist, Brevity, Clarkesworld, and The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2013, among others. She is nonfiction editor at The Account and a PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago. An unreformed fabulist, she splits her writing time between Chicago, the Arizona high desert, and fairyland. [email] [website]