John H. Munson, "Computer Recognition of Hand-printed Text," The Journal of Typographic Research 3.1, January 1969


The slant of the upstrokes in your hand-writing is a dead giveaway to your "emotionality," according to the International Graphoanalysis Society. To take your own emotional temperature, find a sentence or two you wrote a day or so ago (it's better to use old writing, preferably on unlined paper). You'll need about 25 words. Draw a "base line" under the lines of writing. From this base line draw in lines following the angle of slant of 50 consecutive "upstrokes." 1). Ignore the curves of the letters—make a straight line. Take a piece of transparent paper and make a tracing of the Slant Guide (Illustration 2). Lay this guide on top of your marked-up writing. Each upstroke will fall somewhere between the lettered lines. Tabulate your marked strokes in a graph thermometer similar to illustration 3. Most likely you will have strokes falling in three or more areas. Then check your "emotional score" by comparing the grouping of marked strokes in each area against Illustration 4.