Dot Devota


When I see something ugly I have
to bend something beautiful and afterwards discuss
the day's images with a friend confusing the two

when I'm confused I imagine one of many
ruining my life
being saved has only survival in mind
I burn the wood because it's useful dead
a beautiful act will require you turn against it
walking into a mirror I choose one of myself over another                                         
we call this "free will"
but something following "free"
otherwise has value attached
eyes of who stares blankly at it
for an unattractive attribute to disappear
must seek asylum in likable qualities

attractiveness gains trust
trust collects clutter
I can't tell you how
many today I've seen alive
and fearing for themselves.




our parents are all dead
they die or will die
they died you will never
see them again
after you never see them again there is more
time that will pass where you will not
see them again ever even if you die first
you will take the hope of seeing them into the muteness of nature
to die first means that
the length of the branch is doubled upon itself
the wind will beckon to the stranger on the cape
it will not know when you close your eyes
you are facing the self that cannot be identified
you will base your entire life on how
the breeze feels it does not know you exist
you look into black pit and squeeze the sides holding on black pit
you will think you see something
at the surface many times having brought it to
deep well which returns but does not give
we were born to be orphans
if you die last you will hear the will of the earth read aloud by mouthless ants
I think about ants and do not care if they die
you will think about your mother dying and hurry
to create a family to make up for the family you left and who leaves you
the family leaving you is there