Drew Krewer

AGE 5 | FLASHDANCE (1983) | 4:19-7:27

There are men watching me. I click like a hammer. The bare light bulbs, kitchened and anonymous. Whoops my silhouette, there's a dress-off, leg off the couch caught in the eyes of men. Slither to the floor in a blur of fridge, my earrings are powerful my whole body is powerful it clicks, I touch the floor. I'm taking it off, I'm pulling the chain and it's falling and ruining the carpet. My hair is dangerous like a foot to a balloon. I am in the lights, I am human, I spin cause my mama told me not to. Spinning, almost skating I'm wetting all the men and they watch and watch between my heels my head flinging flirting almost detachable like a toy like a dream.


AGE 5 | FLASHDANCE (1983) | 52:09-55:11

TV channels the arctic air. The icicle mummy in den with air guitar, white mask of a face, weighed down, prepared to enter broadcast. Un-mummy, I'm a red suit gridding the shadows. I devise my cubic sty, roar to the lion on the mantle, the men—-they watch and eat. Remote my leggings, no one wears a suit at the end of the day. You are the icicle thrown aside, lost, in the payment of checks, in flirty mime, shoe in air. Torn shirt of my mom's I'm tearing it off I'm ripping it away in lightning manmade, in the corner of my own making. I want out of blinds and the wallpaper autumnal, on the floor you can't get me but I'm cornered, so make a dance of it a writhe of it as the loud snow of television the loud arctic wind gusts you in your place, in the modesty of ice.


AGE 5 | FLASHDANCE (1983) | 1:25:04-1:29:43

The arbiters are here, they are abundant. I'll close the door behind me, not a barn. It's a long walk ‘cross the trailer and they've seen royalty. I've needed many a Kleenex. I'm on my fours, like a dog. I'm better than a bark, this defiant, grounded bird. I will leap as I've leapt as the soundtrack hooks your gaze right through my  leotard. This is my home, no couch can hinder movement or a strut, a blur of household item. I'll split right on the carpet if I have to, it will burn if I have to, I'm talking to you and you and you and you to prove I'm in the window and I want to win want to spin you out of your seat. I want to run down the stairs of an institution to a street of fallen leaves, lined with trees, where there's a man with an awesome car. I want him to shake my dog's hand, to have wrapped her like a present. I want to leap, for him to catch, for a balloon party with love. I want it all, I want some more, I want the roses and the arms.








When I was a young boy, I would watch a made-for-TV version of Flashdance that my mother had recorded onto a VHS. Sometimes I'd watch it all day long.