Lightsey Darst


I'm the one who's always right: the Author. Now I'll burn you; you'll feel little bites.
Then I thought for the first time people might be dead—a huge thunder & metal on

(ouch) (fragments) in the bathroom of a home
found unharmed in a home on a tree-lined street, in the walled garden of a unharmed

which is history written in advance. Babe, I wanted to save you but I wasn't sure
those were real rocks they were flinging. "Stop having problems!" Darling, I'd prefer          

to be less difficult, but fastened to this world of intense & excruciating pain,
Charlton Heston ceased today. Do you think that's right, god? Explain!

But you can help no one by trying. On the contrary, you must try.
This dream does not lend itself to explication. It's personal, it's all personal,

but some persons are more valid than others. ("unsaved
don't know the difference between right & wrong") Still,

even a criminal's house is brightly lit on Christmas Eve
baby, even a maniac loves his mother. "he may pass them by as meaningless
"meaningless words, invented merely

—you'll have to forgive the silences. I meant it all kindly, not as a false trail
that leads I am afraid directly to the jaws of the lion.




Army buried study faulting Iraq planning
Ace. One needs top-notch help.








"You don't think so" is from the earth section of DANCE (Coffee House, forthcoming in 2013), a trip through hell, earth, and paradise. I don't recall all the sources here, but "Now I'll burn you" was an alternative health practitioner working on my sprained ankle. I was thinking about sprains in the understanding, maybe...