Judee K. Burgoon and Thomas Saine, The Unspoken Dialogue: an Introduction to Nonverbal Communication, Houghton Mifflin, 1978


Sensed confinement. A quality of compression and bearing. An apparent trap. No points of orientation. No means by which to judge position or scale. Hidden areas and spaces. Possibilities for surprise. Sloping, twisted, or broken planes. Illogical, unstable forms. Slippery, hazardous base plane. Danger. Unprotected voids. Sharp, intruding elements. Contorted spaces. The unfamiliar. The shocking. The horror, pain, torture or applied force. The dim, the dark, the eerie. Pale and quavering or, conversely, blinding garish light. Cold blues, cold greens. Abnormal monochromatic color.