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* Here's our feeling on the bios. We prefer them to be entertaining, but above all they should be useful. Hence we include email addresses and website where you can find the writers, if the writers agree to this. We don't like to list awards or graduate degrees unless they are useful for readers. (We suspect these are not useful for readers.) However, we are happy to list other places you might find these writers' work, and where they teach or work, if you want to find them and send them cash or love or creepy photos.

Jeff Alessandrelli is the author of Erik Satie Watusies His Way Into Sound (Ravenna Press, 2011). Recent work appears or is forthcoming in Octopus, Laurel Review, Western Humanities Review, Sentence, Hotel Amerika and Quarterly West, among others. He lives in Nebraska with his dog Beckett. [email]

Tamiko Beyer is the author of bough breaks (Meritage Press, 2011). Her poems have recently appeared in or are forthcoming from H_NGM_N, Anti-, esque, and elsewhere. She is the poetry editor of Drunken Boat, and she leads writing workshops for at-risk youth. A founding member of the queer writing collective Agent 409 and a Kundiman fellow, she lives in Brooklyn with her sweetheart and their two gray cats. [email] [website]

Chelsea Biondolillo is a book reviewer for Xenith.net. Her prose can be found online at The Rumpus, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and Sea Stories, and in print in The Rio Review. She has been a computer programmer, a cigarette girl, and a lobbyist, among other things, but likes being a writer best. Chelsea takes science credits for fun and recently held a hummingbird in her hand. [blog] [email]

Gabriel Blackwell is the book review editor of The Collagist. His short fiction has appeared in Conjunctions and Puerto del Sol, and will appear in the inaugural issue of Uncanny Valley. [email]

André Braga Cabral is nothing. He's just a kid who hopes that people don't feel like they're wasting time while reading his stuff. He considers the fun in text as essential as boots. Not so fond of self-imbued literature, he squeals 'readers first!’ as often as 'females first.’ Considering he loves letters/mail, you're seriously welcome to share some spiel with him at [email].

Jon Cotner is the author, with Andy Fitch, of Ten Walks/Two Talks (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010). He and Fitch recently completed another collaboration called Conversations over Stolen Food. Cotner lives in New York City, where he is finishing his Ph.D. for SUNY Buffalo's Poetics Program. [email]

Originally from Tallahassee, Lightsey Darst writes, dances, writes about dance, and teaches in Minneapolis. Her book Find the Girl was published by Coffee House Press in April 2010, and her awards include fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Minnesota State Arts Board. She also hosts the writing salon The Works. [email]

Steven DeMaio teaches reading, writing, and mathematics to adults in Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. He blogs about writing, teaching, and other topics [here]. [email]

Rebecca Elliott lives in Chicago, IL, & is from Seattle, WA. [email]

Bryan Emory-Johnson is an Associate Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Samford University. His work has appeared in the Paris Review, Western Humanities Review, Denver Quarterly, and New American Writing, among others. [email]

Andy Fitch is the author, with Jon Cotner, of Ten Walks/Two Talks (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010). His book Not Intelligent, but Smart: Rethinking Joe Brainard is forthcoming from Dalkey Archive. Fitch is an assistant professor in the University of Wyoming's MFA Program. [email]

Eleza Jaeger is a multimedia language artist working from Iowa to Berlin to Berkeley in txt/electronic sound-art. [email]

Keith Leonard is an MFA candidate at Indiana University, where he serves as poetry editor of Indiana Review. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Best New Poets 2009, Laurel Review, Quarterly West, Sentence, and elsewhere. [email]

Thomas Patrick Levy did not receive his MFA in creative writing from Antioch University in Los Angeles because he dropped out of the program in order to pursue an exciting career in the automotive repossessions industry. His work can be found in various journals and publications and his collection of prose, I Don't Mind if You're Feeling Alone, is forthcoming from YesYes Books [website] [email]

Rachel Marston lives in Salt Lake City, where she is working on a collage-style, hybrid novel about nuclear testing in the American West. Her work has also appeared in Barrelhouse, Versal, and the Denver syntax. [email]

Meghan L. Martin has seen the best minds of her generation destroyed by the need to ironize. Born and raised in Hyde Park, New York, she is now an unemployed itinerant travelling through Canada. Her poems are currently available or forthcoming in The Adirondack Review, The DMQ Review, EVENT Magazine, The Fiddlehead, Hunger Mountain, PRISM international, Ryga, and an anthology called Paradigm.

Kevin McLellan is the author of the chapbook Round Trip (Seven Kitchens, 2010), a collaborative series with numerous women poets. He has recent poems in journals including: Barrow Street, Colorado Review, Sugar House Review, Versal, and others. Even though he lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a rural sensibility lives in him. [email]

Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. For more information, including his essay "Magic, Illusion and Other Realities" and a complete bibliography, please visit his [website]. [email]

Jesse Priest is currently pursuing a Master's degree in books and words from UMass Boston, while also trying to get freshman to care (just a bit) about them, too. He grew up in Maine, and misses the trees and the solace; but they're in the city too, if you look for them. [email] [blog]

Peter Jay Shippy is the author of Thieves' Latin (University of Iowa Press, 2003), Alphaville (BlazeVOX BOOKS, 2006) and How to Build the Ghost in Your Attic (Rose Metal Press, 2007). He lives in Boston with his wife Charlotte and their daughters Beatrix and Stella. Shippy teaches literature at Emerson College. For more work: [here].