[10.5 ToC]



Donna Hunt

Angelina is
          almost.          sleeping.
with a man

Angelina is
a week ago today
          almost.          sleeping with.

meeting the man
covered in hickeyslovebitesbruises
at a party

you know,          sleeping. with.

trying to get out
of a bad

friend of a friend

after a week,

even though she found his ad:

Swm29 heavily into
bdsm must be into tight
bonds and able to take
a strong beating
          almost          sleepingwith

a date a costume a party
          almost didn't make it
taking it slow she says baby
steps she says not
butterflies in the stomach—like she says

          almost          sleeping. with.

he asked you know about his—

she said
and it’s ok
so far







"Angelina" is based on a true story. I was trying to share the details with a friend, and couldn't complete a thought, much less a sentence. But I did complete this poem. Note: This poem is not a PSA.