Brenda Sieczkowski


wool coat I /
missing a /
I'm walking /
lend a stran /             
cuff button /
on thin threads (1)
ger comes back                         
a note in /    the pocket

dead parrot /
behind plate /   
of water/
with button /            
glass a dish
laced with /
eyes saucered (2)    

breast feathers

green tail wind /  
inside the /
twenty-sev /
        whistling my 
breast pocket (3) /
en days be /
                       pretty birthday
of white wool
fore thirty




(1) knot coming back

(2) Bermuda by Spode

(3) stratocumulus mammatus






If the residuum from a long night of dreaming could be poured into an ice cube tray and frozen, it might result in a poem like this. By the same (dream) logic, if [this] dead bird married [this] dead bird, their china pattern might look like [this].