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* Here's our feeling on the bios. We prefer them to be entertaining, but above all they should be useful. Hence we include email addresses and website where you can find the writers, if the writers agree to this. We don't like to list awards or graduate degrees unless they are useful for readers. (We suspect these are not useful for readers.) However, we are happy to list other places you might find these writers' work, and where they teach or work, if you want to find them and send them cash or love or creepy photos.

Caren Beilin's writing has appeared in places such as McSweeney's, 5_trope, elimae, The Lifted Brow, Torpedo, LIT, and We Are The Friction. She's making revisions on a first novel and living in Montana. [email]

Eleanor Boudreau is a poet and a radio reporter for the NPR member station in Memphis, Tennessee. Her non-poetic voice can be heard in the Mid-South on WKNO, 91.1 FM, and around the world by visiting [here] and clicking "Newsroom." Or, even more directly, this link. [email]

Margaret Patton Chapman lives and teaches in South Bend, Indiana, which may be part of the Wormhole Universe. Her fiction can be found online at elimae, the2ndhand, deComp, and as a Featherproof minibook. [email]

A finalist for the Madeleine P. Plonsker Emerging Writer’s Residency, Sutherland Douglass' work has also appeared in, or is forthcoming from, PANK, Fiction International, Mad Hatters’ Review, and Sidebrow. In 2009, he presented video work (based on his novel-in-progress 'Rockefeller' Speaks) at the &NOW Conference held in Buffalo, NY. He currently edits ero guro sensu, which you can find [here]. [email]

Matt Dube doesn't know the ant king personally, but is certainly familiar with his minions and the way they march the gridded kitchen lino of his mid-Mo apartment. He's learned that when such problems arise, there's no shame in calling the professionals.

Mark Ehling lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [website] [email]

Nic Leigh lives in California. [email]

Amy Marcott suspects her good fortune with this contest might be due to tracking down the owner of a $100 bill she recently found on the sidewalk and returning the money. If so, it was worth every penny since she likely would have just blown it on lottery tickets and licorice bites. Other publications for which no bribing of the universe occurred (as far as she knows) include Dogwood, Memorious, Juked, and Six Sentences. She was nominated for a 2009 Pushcart Prize and won third place in Glimmer Train's Very Short Fiction Contest, among other honors. She lives in Boston where she teaches and consults for Grub Street, is a reader for Post Road magazine, belongs to the Writers' Room of Boston, and is at work on a novel. [email]

Kirsi Marcus was raised in a Hindu Flying Cult in rural Iowa. When she is not writing stories and generally raging around Iowa City, she can be found on her couch under a mountain of blankets watching online television. Currently she is fascinated with the Menendez Brothers and Polygamy. She has published greeting card slogans for Palm Press, and her fiction has been published in Wilderness House Literary Review. [email]

J. A. Tyler is the author of seven novel(la)s including the recently released Inconceivable Wilson (Scrambler Books, 2009) and the forthcoming A Man of Glass & All the Ways We Have Failed (Fugue State Press, 2011). He is also founding editor of [Mud Luscious Press]. [email] [website]